Being  a child in our modern society can sometimes be stressful, especially with pressures around friendships, going to bed, starting a new school, feeling grumpy, little accidents, separaion anxiety, fear of the dark, losing a beloved pet, fear of creepy crawlies and more.

Mia Monkey and Charlie Chameleon are here to help children to learn and use the magic of EFT or 'Tapping' as it is sometimes known.EFT helps to release negative emotions and replaces them with positive ones. Mia Monkey also teaches children 'silent tapping' if they are unable to talk about their problems, thus leaving a window to talk about it later when their fears/anxieties are under control.

Mia Monkey an Charlie Chameleon help children with some of lifes little challenges so they can grow up less stressed and anxious and move through life with more confidence.

Please read Happy Tapping with Mia & Charlie, use it, share it , talk about it and get tapping as it really helps.


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